Warden's Message


Warden 1Hello to all residents of our rural municipality.  First let me say that I am humbled and deeply honoured to have been chosen by my fellow Councillors to serve as your Warden.  I feel a heavy weight on my shoulders but the fact that I have eleven very capable councillors to work along with me as we attempt to provide good governance for rural Pictou County will help me greatly.   If you have any concerns of a municipal nature, or even provincial or federal that we may be able to advocate for, please contact the elected councillor for your district. Together, we will look for solutions.

As councillors, we only meet for 3 – 4 hours for a few times each month but we have a very capable staff who are the day-to-day people available to serve you.  As Warden, on behalf of Council, I want to thank our staff for working hard every day for our Municipality.  They are our front-line service people.

One of the biggest issues that our Councillors heard on the doorsteps leading up to the October elections was the lack of reliable high speed internet and cellular service in many of our rural areas.  I can assure you that the message was heard and hopefully we can make progress working with our provincial and federal governments to improve this situation in the near future.  Rural businesses, as well as homeowners, even the sales of homes in rural areas, are negatively affected by this poor service.

I am optimistic for the future of Pictou County as I see considerable new construction spread fairly well across our 12 districts.  I have also noted this past summer and fall, more people from outside our county moving here and purchasing older properties that haven’t been worked for many years.

As your Warden, I will be working closely with our neighbouring municipalities to bring good paying jobs to all Pictou County.  No matter where the jobs are located, people from all over Pictou County will work there.  We certainly don’t want to live in the same house but we can work together as good neighbours to improve the living of all our residents.  Community by community, we will strive to revitalize our social and economic infrastructure, listening to the people who live there and working with senior levels of government.

Warden Robert Parker